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Registered Charity Number : 110 5 118

Asylum exists to bring the love and acceptance of Christ to people from the various underground subcultures in London.

But before you rush away in horror...we are NOT religious. We are spiritual, Christ centred, open minded and respectful of everyone’s beliefs. We try to represent Christianity how it originally was presented by Jesus...love first. We are completely independent and non-denominational.

We are aware that many in the sub-cultures have been deeply hurt by the insensitive, judgemental and hypocritical actions of some christians. We are trying our best to undo some of that damage (even though we do make mistakes coz we're human!) and hopefully with your help we'll succeed.

We've no interest in judging people or forcing anything down anyone's throats. We're here for you and accept you just as you are, just as Jesus does. There is no one preaching at Asylum, instead everyone can join in discussions and are free to question, share and contribute. The most important thing is we're respectful and loving to each other above all else.

It doesn't matter whether you profess to be a follower of Christ or not...many people of other faiths and atheist / agonostic people often come to Asylum. EVERYONE IS VERY WELCOME!  


Asylum is involved in many activities to help share Christ's love with Alternative people.

We have a weekly Sunday Fellowship at 3.30pm.
A bi-weekly Bible Study every other Tuesday.
A monthly free shared meal at  Asylum Fellowship
A monthly Prayer Meeting, followed by Praise Party
And a monthly club called The Crypt playing the best Metal, Punk, Goth, Rock etc by Christian artists.

We also go out regularly to pubs, clubs, gigs etc to support the Alternative scene, build friendships and care for people.


Asylum was started by Billie (LLie) Sylvain. Asylum began as a street outreach frequenting Soho pubs, clubs and live music venues to share a positive experience of Christ with Alternative people. 


Asylum's trustees are Billie/Llie the founder - Martin and Kikkos.
We also have a dedicated crew of volunteers who make Asylum happen. Most of the crew are alternative people fully involved in the subcultures who know what it is to feel hurt and rejected (even by some Christians!) For more info on the crew and how to get involved with Asylum see the CREW & JOIN US pages.

To any Christians reading this: We are happy to talk to you to explain where we are coming from. The important thing to remember is that Jesus reached out to people with love rather than condemnation and brought the church to the people. 


We believe that Jesus Christ  is God and that He is love. 
We believe in the one God of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
We believe that we are part of God's family.
We believe in God the Creator of the Universe.
We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he died on the cross and rose again.
We believe that God longs to have a personal friendship with us.
We believe God forgives us when we mess up if we ask him to.
We believe God has our best interests at heart.
We believe God accepts us wherever we are in our journey with him and always wants to be part of that journey.


To bring the love and acceptance of Christ to Alternative people from the various underground subcultures in London.

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Fellowship Times & Location


Asylum Fellowship Every Sunday 3.30 - 5.30pm
 Prayer Meeting 2pm (Every 3rd Sunday)
 Praise Party 3.30pm (Every 3rd Sunday)

All at  St Giles In The Fields Church Vestry. 60 St Giles High Street. London. WC2H 8LG.

Bible Study 7pm ( Every other Tuesday, At Cabana, 7 Central St Giles Piazza,  WC2H 8AB )
———-Next one Tuesday August 6th 2019————

At 3pm On Sunday 18th August 2019,
we’re having a special Eucharist in
the main church of St Giles In The Fields
for the alternative community.
all are welcome so come and join us!


For years we met in the world famous Intrepid Fox pub. Since it closed, we now meet in the vestry building at the back of the main St Giles-in-the-Fields Church, (Nearest tube : Tottenham Court Road).
See this map for our location. For transport details see this page from the St Giles-in-the-Fields Church website.

If you've been disillusioned by some Christians in the past, you're not alone...we have too! So we started a  fellowship to try to meet the needs of the subcultures, offering support, whether it's prayer or just a listening ear. The fellowship is for those who feel they don't fit in to conventional church, or have no relationship with Christ, but want to know about him.

Our "services" revolve around discussion topics, which we take turns to facilitate each week. It may be kicked off by a video clip, a bible verse or current topics in the news.
We do the same for worship and aim to explore different styles which incorporate music, art, poetry and general creativity to connect with God.

We also have snacks to munch on through out the meeting in case you're peckish! Feel free to bring snacks to contribute if you'd like to. After the meeting we usually go for something to eat together in the local area. 

The first Sunday of each month we try to have a shared meal where good food is provided to eat during the fellowship and then we all go to Asylum's Crypt club after. So if you can't afford to eat out with us every sunday, this is for you, but do feel free to bring something filling to share if you like'd to. 

On the 3rd Sunday we have a prayer meeting at 2pm followed by a praise party at 3.30pm where everyone is invited to join in with worship in a style of their choice, be it music, poetry, art, etc.

Prayer and friendship are always available but never forced. No one is obligated to do or say anything.

It doesn't matter whether you are a follower of Christ or not...EVERYONE IS VERY WELCOME!

Here's a small selection of some subjects that have been discussed so far at The Asylum Fellowship : 

  • What does it mean to be a Christian?

  • What is the difference between religion and Christianity?

  • Anarchy

  • Censorship

  • How does God feel about women?

  • How do we reflect Christ?

  • S&M & Spirituality

  • Pornography and Sex

  • Depression

  • Science and God

  • Homosexuality

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CLUB info

7pm First Sunday Every Month

Downstairs, Garlic & Shots, 14 Frith St, soho, London W1D 4RD

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Our monthly club nights are unique, as resident  Asylum DJ’s spin a selection of the best Punk, Metal, Goth, Industrial etc, by artists who are followers of Christ. The advantage of this is that most of the music you hear will not be the usual stuff heard repeatedly in most mainstream clubs. But there will be old faves thrown in like WASP, Megadeth, King's X, Alice Cooper etc who are also followers of Christ.

Why don't you tell us if you are going via our Facebook event?

If you don't hear your fave music, have a chat with the DJ and they'll find some great tracks in the style you like.

Entry is free and free snacks are provided. Yes! That's right FREE SNACKS. You don't even need to feel guilty about eating it as we support Fairtrade products. (You can find out all about Fairtrade at the Fairtrade Foundation website.)

However Garlic & Shots do serve a great selection of food in the upstairs resturant if you're especially hungry.

We are a friendly bunch at Asylum, we don't bite ( Although we may look like we do! ) so if you're new,  make sure you say "Hi" to one of the crew (easily found as we all wear crew badges) and we'll make sure you get a special welcome! 



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Asylum has put on, or helped to put on events at venues like The Garage,  Intrepid Fox, Electrowerks, and Ace Cafe.

We‘ve had many Metal, Punk, Goth etc bands play for us.. We also do other creative and comedy events. Often our events help raise awareness or money for various environmental, human or animal charities such as:

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation
National Association For Bikers With A Disabiltiy
Christian Solidarity Worldwide  
Amnesty International

and many others.

Any bands / acts wanting to perform at our events please get in touch!  Non Christian bands are welcome to play at our events and we always ask that they behave in a way that respects the fact that both we and many in the audience are followers of Christ.












Asylum exists to bring the love and acceptance of Christ to people from the various underground subcultures in London, but even if you don't live in London you can still help us.

If you would like to get more involved with or support Asylum, there are several ways to do it, if any of the below appeal then email us at asylumlondonuk@gmail.com


If you're a Christian and have been coming along regularly to our fellowship and events, we'll invite you to  join the Crew if you like what we're doing, express an interest and if we connect with you.

If you're not a Christian but would still like to be involved in helping to run Asylum then let us know and we'll pair you up with a crew member so you can help them with whatever needs doing.


We have Facebook and Meetup groups. 


If you're in a band then come and play for us, or you can let us know of bands that can play for our live events. We often have non Christian bands at our events and we always ask that they behave in a way that respects the fact that both we and many in the audience are followers of Christ.


Asylum doesn't exist on fresh air! We need cash to hire venues, pay our rent, buy supplies, pay bands, etc. We also like to give to other charities when possible. We don’t need much to run our group, but it all adds up.  One off donations are also greatly appreciated.

If you want to throw some spare pennies our way or set up a standing order, please contact Martin or Billie at: asylumlondonuk@gmail.com

Don't forget, if you pay tax on your earnings you can increase the value of your donation for free by filling out a gift aid form.


If your knees are still in good condition then get on them and pray for us! Pray we'll always do God's will and convey
Christ's love to people well. Pray that we have the people, resources, venues and finances to keep doing that.