Registered Charity Number : 110 5 118

Asylum exists to bring the love and acceptance of Christ to people from the various underground subcultures in London.

But before you rush away in horror...we are not religious, just spiritual and open minded and respectful of other people’s beliefs. We try to represent Christianity how it originally was presented by Jesus; love first. We are completely independent and non-denominational.

We are aware that many in the sub-cultures have been deeply hurt by the insensitive, judgemental and hypocritical actions of some churches and some christians.

We are trying our best to undo some of that damage (even though we do make mistakes coz we're human!) and hopefully with your help we'll succeed.

We have no interest in judging people or forcing anything down anyone's throats. We are here for you and we accept you just as you are, just as Jesus does. There is no one person preaching at Asylum, instead everyone can join in and discuss and are free to question, share and contribute. The most important thing is that we are respectful and loving to one another above all else.

It doesn't matter whether you profess to be a follower of Christ or not...EVERYONE IS VERY WELCOME! In fact, many people of other faiths and atheist/agonostic people often come to Asylum.



Asylum is involved in various activities to help bring Christ's love to people,  which you can read about on the other pages. 

We also go out regularly to pubs, clubs, gigs etc to support the alternative scene, meet with and care for people and build friendships.


Asylum was started by Billie (LLie) Sylvain. Asylum began as a street outreach frequenting Soho pubs, clubs and live music venues to reach alternative people. It became officially known as Asylum around 1996 when the Asylum club was started.


Asylum has a dedicated crew made up of volunteers who make Asylum happen. Most of the crew are alternative people fully involved in the subcultures who know what it is to feel hurt and rejected (even by Christians!)

For more info on the crew and how to get involved with Asylum see the CREW & JOIN pages.

To any Christians reading this: We are happy to talk to you to explain where we are coming from. The important thing to remember is that Jesus reached out to people with love rather than condemning them and brought the church to the people. (John 8:11)


We believe that Jesus Christ  is God and that He is love. 
We believe in the one God of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
We believe that we are part of God's family.
We believe in God the Creator of the Universe.
We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he died on the cross and rose again.
We believe that God longs to have a friendship with us.
We believe God forgives us when we mess up if we ask him to.
We believe God has our best interests at heart.
We believe God accepts us wherever we are in our journey with him and always wants to be part of that journey.


To bring the love and acceptance of Christ to people from the various underground subcultures in London.