If you would like to get more involved with or support Asylum, there are several ways to do it:


If you're a Christian and have been coming along regularly to our fellowship and events, we'll invite you to  join the Crew if you like what we're doing, express an interest and if we connect with you.

If you're not a Christian but would still like to be involved in helping to run Asylum then let us know and we'll pair you up with a crew member so you can help them with whatever needs doing.


We have Facebook and Meetup groups. However we are most active on Yahoo Groups.


If you're in a band then can come and play for us, or you can let us know of bands that can play for our live events.


Asylum doesn't exist on fresh air! We need cash to hire venues, pay our rent, buy supplies, pay bands, etc. We also like to give to other charities when ever possible. We don’t need much to run our group, however at the moment we are trying to reach a humble goal of finding 30 new donors who are willing to give 5 pounds a month to cover our basic monthly cost. Of course any one off donations are also greatly appreciated.

If you want to throw some spare pennies our way or set up a standing order, please contact Martin at: asylumlondonuk@gmail.com

Don't forget, if you pay tax on your earnings you can increase the value of your donation for free by filling out a gift aid form.


If your knees are still in good condition then get on them and pray for us! Pray that we'll always do God's will and do a good job of conveying Christ's love to people. Pray that we have the resources, a venue and finances to keep doing that.